Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh Veggies

The Husband and I went to Conrad Farms Market last Sunday.

We picked up a few fresh veggies, but what I'm most excited about is the package of Taboli Wheat from Bishop Brothers in Bristow, OK. As much as I love taboli, it is amazing that I do not make it.

With this package of taboli wheat and their simple recipe on the back, this is the summer Cindy is going to perfect her own taboli. Promise.

The Husband and I, unfortunately, missed the Taboli Festival in Bristow this year. I am going to make a special effort to attend next year.


  1. I don't believe I have ever had any taboli!! My roommate in college used to make it though! She says its wonderful!

    Does Bill know of this fresh market? He loves vegetables!!

  2. Lots of fresh parsley. That's my tip. I make tabouli a lot in the summer and always get good reviews. Don't be shy about using LOTS of parsley.

  3. Hello, Connie. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a tip on making tabouli. I'll stop by your blog and get to know you!