Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking Credit For The Work of Others

There is a controversy in the blogosphere regarding plagiarism.

I read Suburban Turmoil every day. It is a well written, funny, blog (not "all mommy, all the time") and I enjoy the stories.

The author recently posted a story that is very disturbing. Click here to read it.

I worked once for someone who took credit for a couple of my ideas that were implemented with great success at the office. This really hurt my feelings, but at the time I was young and not as self confident as I am today and I did not speak up for myself.

A few years later, there was someone, who was supposed to be a "friend," who took something I had discovered and touted it as their own discovery to mutual friends. The mutual friends told me about it and credited the other person with the discovery, saying "Isn't that person clever to have found this?" Well, yes, someone was clever and it was ME! Would it have hurt for them to have given me credit? No. But, again, I didn't speak up.

I hate when people take credit for the work or ideas of others. This is why I "link" to so many other websites in my blog posts. I want to be clear about where I get information for my blog.

Here's a shout out to Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil for standing up for herself. You.Go.Girl!


  1. I really enjoyed that article. Going through the AgCom program and being an editor of the Cowboy Journal clued me in to how many people think that no one will notice when you steal someone else's work and ideas! This is a little unrelated, but still similarly scary:

    The whole article was on Yahoo the other day.