Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Organizing to Relieve Stress

Last weekend I was a bit obsessed about organizing our home.

So far, I have emptied 4 drawers and 1 cupboard, sorted the clothes by type and size, filled a huge garbage bag of clothes to donate to Goodwill, and put the remaining clothes back in nice, neat order in the drawers/cupboard.

I immediately took the donation bag to Goodwill, simply to get it out of the house. Right. Now!

One of my nieces shared an organizing tip she either read or heard on TV. Basically, you turn all the hangers in your closet to hang as below:
When you wear an article of clothing, hang it back in the closet with the hanger going the other way.
At the end of a season or a year (whichever you choose), those items on hangers that have never been turned are the ones you have not worn for the designated period of time. Meaning it is time for them to leave your house and live somewhere else!

I like this method of determining what to get rid of. It's easy and pretty much fool proof. I'm going to try it.


  1. Can you come to my house, Cindy? I have so many closets and drawers to clean out, it's overwhelming. I don't know where to start, nor can I get up the whatever.

  2. Donna, as soon as I get through all the drawers, closets and the buffet at my house, I will be right there for you!