Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rotation in Ramona

I mentioned to you a few months ago that The Husband has temporarily rejoined the work world. On the spur of the moment yesterday, I decided to make the short drive to Bartlesville for a "dinner date." Of course, it being May in Oklahoma, severe weather was brewing and the National Weather Service was predicting tornadoes.

As we entered the restaurant, we walked towards the bar where a TV displaying weather radar was visible. We started to take a seat, but the manager approached and told us they were preparing to close for the evening because of the approaching severe weather. He explained, "My kitchen staff is nervous." "No problem" we say and out the door we go looking for another restaurant. The next place we went to was already closed, we assume because of the weather.

We ultimately decided to check if the Copper Bar in the Price Tower was open because it would be neat to see the storm roll in from the 15th floor of the building. We seated ourselves, ordered a cocktail and then ordered dinner. Of course, the bar TV was turned to local weather, but we only had to look out the windows to see the storm rolling across the country towards us, with thunder and lightening. And the wind, oh my, the wind was whipping the trees down below!

Our dinner was delivered and we had eaten about 1/2 of it when we heard the sound every Okie knows from birth - the tornado sirens. Immediately, we were told to evacuate to the basement of the building. Fortunately, the bartendar was an understanding girl who refilled our cocktails as we left the area.

Here is The Husband with new friends in the basement. Forgive the blurry photo, but I was laughing.
One advantage of this situation was we had the "Tornado Tour" of the basement. They have interesting photos of the construction of the building.
They have lots of equipment.
More equipment.
Even more equipment.
We were in the basement approximately 20 minutes before the sirens stopped. We climbed the stairs to lobby, but the hotel staff kept us there for a few moments because, even though sirens were silent there was "rotation in Ramona" and they wanted to make sure it wasn't headed for Bartlesville.

The phrase "rotation in Ramona" tickled us both. As The Husband said, "Rotation in Ramona sounds like it's either a country western song or a bad p0rn flick!"

We returned to the Copper Bar, finished our dinner and chatted with our "new friends" from the basement.

This is how hiding from storms is supposed to be!

Okies take storms very seriously, so we immediately responded to the sirens and took cover. The staff at Price Tower took great care of their guests. Thanks to them for executing their emergency plan flawlessly. This was a "fun" experience for us, but unfortunately was not for many other people who suffered unimaginable losses during this event.

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