Thursday, May 5, 2011

Renting Sounds Good Right About Now

I've posted here many times about projects on our 95 year old house. We started another project a few weeks ago that I've not yet shared with you. I wanted to wait until it was completely finished before posting any pictures.

A project that should have taken 3 or 4 days at the most is now in it's third week. Coordinating different contractors, obtaining suitable materials, workers not showing up, as well as the lovely roof replacement project have all combined to delay our latest (unnamed) project.

The latest problem was unveiled with the removal of the gutters, revealing rotten fascia boards. Before new guttering can be installed, all the wood must be replaced. While this discovery was not unexpected, it's still disheartening and will be expensive. *

As I always say, you can fix anything. It just takes time and money. We'll spend a bit more money and, in due time, I'll reveal our finished project!

Edited to add:
* When I said the repairs would be expensive, I was right. Of course the house tested positive for lead paint, which means the contractors have to follow strict rules when doing this work resulting in additional labor costs. I guess I'll have to harvest our secret money tree soon.

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  1. my house was built in 1903 and my grandparents house I own 1892, so I hear you!!