Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Blue Whale and Totem Poles

The Husband and I had no obligations on Saturday, so we decided to do some local sightseeing.

We began at the drive through of Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken by picking up an order of fried gizzards and two cold drinks. Why gizzards, you say? Why not, we say! They are one of our favorite roadtrip snacks.

As we munched on the gizzards, we enjoyed the drive to Catoosa, the home of the famous Blue Whale.
 Here I am at the mouth of the whale.
 There's The Husband peeking out from one of the slides.
Some of the picnic tables have whale posts.
 Or how about a whale chair?
The folks working at the souvenir stand were very nice and one of them is the person behind the Blue Whale twitter account, but they wouldn't confess which one!

After leaving the Blue Whale, we drove to Claremore and stopped at couple of antique malls and A Gallery of the Arts. We found one of the antique malls to be terribly over priced, but the other one was full of interesting items at reasonable prices. We found many items we liked at the art gallery. I even purchased a hand painted gourd bowl that will become a part of my annual fall decorations. The gallery owner, after finding out we'd been to the Blue Whale, encouraged us to drive to Foyil and visit Totem Pole Park. So we did!

Here's a photo of the big totem pole, plus one of the smaller ones.
 The big totem pole is on a turtle's back. Here I am at the head of the turtle.
 Here is The Husband with another totem pole.
This is the souvenir shop, formerly his workshop. The creator of the totem poles also made custom fiddles and furniture.
He made cute picnic tables for people to use. Here's one:
And here's another:
After leaving Totem Pole Park we returned home and told everyone we saw for the rest of the day about our adventure and how much fun we had sightseeing in our own backyard.

How about you? When is the last time you went sightseeing in your area? What fun and/or quirky thing did you see or do?

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