Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christmas Decorations in May

I shopped several Tulsa estate sales today and came home with some adorable items to add to my Christmas decor.
The cross stitch Santa was stitched by Lois and framed by Lowell. Unfortunately, it is not dated. The cross stitch house was stitched by Lois in 2004. No information about the framer. Both of these lovely piece were mine for only $3.00 each.

The sleigh drawn by two horses deserves a very close look.  Do you see the subjects are made of Canadian money with watercolor accents? The picture on the sleigh is of King George VI. The piece is signed in the lower right hand corner "M.G. F.M.M."
The inscription on the back of the piece:

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
188, Grande Allée
"Canadian Winter" Souvenir

I absolutely adore this piece and it only cost me $6.50. A bargain, in my opinion!

I am keeping these three lovelies for myself, but I purchased some other pieces of Lois' work that will be available in the future Cindy's Cupboard antique mall booth. If you like, click over here to get a sneak peek.

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  1. I shop for holiday decorations year-round too. If I see a vintage ornament that I love, I'm buying it whether it's November or July!