Thursday, January 6, 2011

How To Pop A Rib Out Of Place - OUCH!

I was laying in bed this morning, thinking about how good I felt and all the things I wanted to get done today. I thought to myself, "I'll get out of bed and get moving." As I was thinking that, I put my arms above my head and S T R E T C H E D.

Something P O P P E D and P A I N started radiating through my chest and back.

I gasped and stretched again. More P A I N. I struggled out of bed and stretched again. More P A I N and a few tears.

I managed to shower and dress. The Husband drove me to the chiropractor's office. The doc said I had popped a rib out of place (WTH?) and the ligaments attached to the rib were stretched out. He popped the rib back in place, which made me feel a bit better. The problem is that stretched ligaments can take days or weeks to heal. (good grief!)

So here I sit, alternating an ice pack on my back to my chest hoping to ease the pain. So much for getting a lot of things done today.

You can help me feel better by entertaining me with stories of the most bizarre way you've ever injured yourself. Come on, tell me. It will be our little secret!


  1. Terrible way to start the day. I once stood on one leg while putting the other leg into my jeans while bending over. Something in my back popped and I was prone for two days with medications. Never heard one about stretching; only coughing.

  2. A couple of days ago my car was parked on a downtown street and as I bent to put something in the back seat, I bashed my head on the corner of a much too-low street sign. Honestly, why that sign was head-level, I'll never understand. And why I didn't see it is even more of a mystery. No blood, but still red, even today.

  3. Donna: Ouch! I've had problems with my lower back before, so you have my sympathy for that story. Who knew putting on jeans could be dangerous?

    Connie: Double Ouch! Glad you didn't bleed. How weird that the sign was installed so low.

    Thanks to both for sharing your stories. I don't feel so alone!

  4. Oh Cindy! How awful! Who knew you could injure yourself WHILE STILL IN BED.

    That's just impressive!

    My sister in law recently broke her leg hanging curtains. Although, when asked about her injury, she would openly lie and tell people she was saving orphans from a burning building.

  5. Rita: I'm so glad I managed to impress you! I like your S-i-L's cover story. I may have to borrow it. :-)

  6. Oh gosh Cindy. I've actually done that while driving. OUCHY! for sure! Take care.