Monday, January 31, 2011

Flea Market Treasures

I'm on the look out for seasonal items year round at flea markets, estate sales and garage sales. I picked up these treasures recently to stash away for next Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The turkey candle holder is from Avon. I found the same item listed on eBay with opening bids of $8.95-15.99.  I paid $3 for the little guy. He'll look great on my next Thanksgiving table with either a votive or a taper candle.

The cookie cutters are vintage Hallmark and their prices on eBay vary widely. I paid $1 each for these babies. They will look great as part of my seasonal decorations.
I love finding vintage treasures at great prices and giving them a new home!

Do you look for seasonal or holiday decorations during the year?


  1. I have lots of seasonal stuff but if I look for them like in the summer they I put them away and forget. I may find them again at the wrong time. I need a closet for all my stuff I guess. LOL, thought about it but have I organized it, nope. I'm bad.

  2. I have a closet for my holiday items, so when I purchase them out of season I know where to put them.
    I'd be happy to come over and help you organize!