Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classes & Puppies & Books

I went to the local Apple store this week for a one-to-one session with a trainer covering advanced functionality for the iPad.

There's always such a good vibe at the Apple store. The employees enjoy working there and it shows. The trainer told me he looks forward to going to work and he learns something new every day, either from other trainers or from customers. How satisfying must that work environment be?

One of the applications we found allows me to create collages on the iPad. The name of the app is Photo Wall and it cost $2.99. Here is my first collage, which brings me to the puppies portion of this post.
Who can resist Yorkshire Terrier puppies? Not my sister's family! Big Sister A is holding Trixie and Sweet Baby L is holding Chelsea. Their 3 year old beagle, Princess Leia, is having a lot of fun "herding" these puppies. When I need a cute puppy fix, I now have a place to get one!

Book club met at my house this week. The meetings are bring your own drink and an appetizer or dessert to share. I made my old standby artichoke dip, which I wrote about here. I also made Palmiers, which are mighty tasty.

We had a great time catching up with each other and discussing The Neighbors Are Watching. Reading this book raises the questions, do you know your neighbors and when should you become involved in their lives?

We agreed our next book will be The Warmth of Other Suns.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Oh my, those puppies are adorable! I could definitely use a puppy fix too. I love the collage!

    I recently joined my first book group, and I'm really enjoying it so far. We read historical fiction. Does your book group have a specific theme, or do you just read whatever sounds good?

  2. Hi, Holly.

    My book club doesn't have a theme. We read fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction - all over the place. Which is good, I think. I get tired of reading the same genre all the time. I'll be interested to hear your opinion of your book club after you've been a member for a year or more. Will you be tired of one type of book?

    Don't get me wrong, I totally get into genres or series of books (Dragonriders of Pern, the Anne Rice Mayfair Witches series, etc. :-)