Monday, February 1, 2010

Vacation - January, 2010 - Post 3b of 3a/b

This post has so many photos, I decided it should be separate from the overall post of our time in Memphis, TN.

As you know, we spent a couple of nights at The Peabody Hotel. On Tuesday night, we had dinner at Chez Philippe, the elegant French restaurant in the hotel.

Oh! My! Goodness!

Go ahead. Click on the Chez Philippe link above and take a look at the picture of the dining room. I'll wait.

See those columns? Imagine the super tall ceiling. Gaze upon the finely set tables. Impressive, yes it is.

Here's The Husband perusing the wine list:
A self portrait of me:They put your purse on a little table to your left, so you don't have to reach down to the floor. Niiiiiice!
A tuna amuse-bouche for each of us from the chef:
My starter:
Chicken "Faux Gras" (They do NOT serve duck at The Peabody!)
Port Wine Gelee, Cornichons, Macerated Figs, Pickled Red Onion
The Husband's starter:
Escargot En Croute
Sweet Garlic-Herb Butter, White Wine, Puff PastryPrior to the main course's arrival, the waiter brought steak knives for us. On! A! Steak! Knife! Plate!

We've eaten at some nice places, but we've never dined where they use Steak! Knife! Plates!
My main course:
Loin of Venison
Wild Rice Pilaf, Roasted Apples, Chestnut Puree, Calvados JusThe Husband's main course:
Neola Farms Beef Duo (strip steak & braised roast)
Sweet Potato Puree, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Pearl Onions, Reduced Natural Juices
My dessert:
Souffle Du Jour
Butterscotch (OMG!)
The Husband's dessert:
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Blood Orange Sorbet, Toffee Sauce, Candied Orange, Citrus Tuille
And to finish, more tasty tidbits for us.
To accompany our delicious feast, we shared a lovely bottle of Jordan Cabernet.

The wait staff was excellent. Very refined and professional.

The strangest thing about the whole evening?

We were in this lovely restaurant all by ourselves!



Our own private dining room.

This was lovely for us, but I'm sure it was disappointing for the staff. They did say that during the week in January is a slow time, but they are looking forward to February and Valentine's Day!

If you ever have the opportunity to dine at Chez Philippe, please take a advantage of it!

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  1. That looked amazing. Nothing like that in New Orleans I suspect. I have never even heard of steak knife plates. Is there a Chez Philippe in my area??????