Monday, February 1, 2010

Vacation - January, 2010 - Post 3a of 3a/b

This is post 3a of our vacation posts

Sunday, January 24th
The Husband and I drove out of New Orleans around 1:00pm. We wanted to "get out of Dodge" before the NFL playoff game. Thank goodness the Saints won that day. :-) Who Dat????

Since we left NOLA late, we stopped in Jackson, MS at a Best Western for the night. We were on the road the next day to Memphis, TN

Monday, January 25th
We took Highway 51, instead of the interstate. It was interesting driving through small Mississippi towns. We stopped for a bathroom break at one small town convenience store and The Husband scored some great fried chicken gizzards! He was a happy boy, let me tell you...

We arrived in Memphis early afternoon and checked into The Peabody Hotel. It is one of our favorite hotels and we take the opportunity to stay there whenever we can. We settled into our room and went down to The Lobby Bar* for a drink and to watch the famous duck walk.

* The Lobby Bar, has been referred to as the "living room of Memphis" and is the heartbeat of the hotel. As the place to see and be seen in the “Blues City,” it has been voted “Best People Watching by the readers of Memphis magazine. It’s also the place to watch the March of The Peabody Ducks.

The hotel was hosting a huge convention the days we were there, so we had 400+ people to watch in the lobby. People watching is one of my favorite things to do! We decided to eat at the Corner Bar that evening and go to bed early.

Tuesday, January 26th
We had breakfast at The Arcade. The Arcade is the oldest restaurant in Memphis and has been used as a film location for a few movies.

We were not impressed with the food, plus it was very expensive! $25 for breakfast is a bit excessive and we had typical eggs, bacon/ham, hashbrowns, biscuits, etc.

After breakfast we went to a few junk/antique shops. We like to visit these places while on vacation to see what is being sold/collected in other states.

The first shop we went into was junky, disorganized and dusty. The very first thing I touched was this set of 8 glasses:
"This is your 1st of Tulsa....mix the next one yourself...but Think First."

I'm not up to speed on all the history of Tulsa banks, so I'm not sure which modern day bank has 1st of Tulsa as part of it's history, but I'm sure one of our banking friends can tell us.

The Husband and I were pleased to find these glasses on a dirty, dusty shelf in Memphis and be able to return them to Tulsa for a mere $2 apiece. They look great on our bar, with other Tulsa glasses we have collected.

We went to another dusty, disorganized shop and found an old lamp. It needs to be refurbished, but's that's okay. I think we got it for a good price and it will turn out to be a great lamp. I'll take before and after pictures and post them here after it is refurbished.

We went to some other shops and saw many interesting things, but nothing that called to us to take it home. We drove around the city for a while and then returned to the hotel.

Our dinner for the evening deserves it's own post, so look for post 3b soon.

Wednesday, January 27th
We were up and checked out of the hotel by 9am to begin the long drive across Arkansas. We did take the time to stop at a couple of antique malls in Crystal Springs. It was interesting to see the different items in the malls. We ultimately purchased a nice oak framed mirror.
We decided to hustle home to Tulsa, since a winter storm was marching across the country and was predicted to hit that evening. We arrived home around 6pm, tossed all the luggage out of the car and ventured off to the grocery store.

Grocery shopping in Oklahoma when a major ice/snow storm is predicted should be an Olympic sport. Bread, milk, eggs, jiffy cornbread and many other items were in short supply. Any kind of canned tomato (sauce, diced, whole) was scarce. It was actually very funny. We managed to get enough food to tide us over for a few days and returned home to face mounds of dirty laundry.

We had a great road trip. Now, we must start saving our pennies for the next one!


  1. Having been born and raised in Tulsa, I know exactly what bank those glasses represent...
    First National Bank of Tulsa, OK. When you opened an account at the bank, adults were given a set of these glasses. Children (like me in approx. 1950) got to open a Hopalong Cassidy saving account and received a Hopalong bank, which was a bust of Hopalong. You put coins in through the groove in top of his hat, and the hat came off to place dollars inside or to remove the contents. I loved my Hopalong Cassidy bank, but I left it at my parents' home when I married in 1963. Apparently, my sister's kids destroyed my bank. :( Betty G.

  2. Those glasses were from First National Bank, Tulsa, OK. I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK and went with my Mom to open a checking/savings account and she was given a set of these glasses. I opened a child's savings account and it was called the Hopalong Cassidy Savings Acct. and I was given a Hopalong bank in the shape of a bust of Hopalong. His hat could be removed to empty the contents, but you put money in through the top of his cowboy hat where it has a groove on top. (I think my sister's kids destroyed it.)
    Betty G. formerly of Tulsa, now in Memphis area