Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Up In The Air"

The Husband and I went to see the movie, "Up In The Air" this week. We really enjoyed it and laughed out loud several times.

After spending the majority of our careers in the corporate world, we have not only worked for and with people who have been laid off, but have been the receipent of the dreaded "package" ourselves. The movie very accurately depicts how people can react to the news.

Another accurate depiction in the movie is that of a professional "road warrior" aka the professional business traveler. The scenes of the main character packing his suitcase and getting through the airport security line are so true! Later in the movie, the advice he gave his younger co-worker on how to select the least problematic airport security line was dead on accurate.

I would recommend this movie. It was amusing.


  1. I thought about his advice the other day as I looked at the security lines and planned my attack. Great movie, and a little sad for me.

  2. I havent seen the movie yet...but will definitely rent it when it comes out on video