Thursday, February 25, 2010


I rescued this violet about 6 years ago from a member of my family.

It loved the eastern exposure in my sun room. It grew and grew, until I had to split into two pots. The two plants bloomed and bloomed, after I found the right liquid food for them. The original plant grew so much, I had to split it a second time.
I moved them upstairs, to my office, where they had the same eastern exposure.

And then all three plants died. Died dead.

Approximately 3 months ago.
I finally just admitted to myself there was not going to be a miraculous recovery.

I threw the plants away.

I'm bummed.


  1. I have raised african violets before...they are fussy....that is why we got along. Mine always died in the winter...they do not like the dry heat coming from the heaters and they mildew if you put them to close to a window...old house window's anyway. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

  2. Funny how attached I was to that violet. I felt so "proud" for it living and growing and blooming. Now it, and it's babies, are gone. boo hoo. I'll have to get a new plant.