Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family Wedding Drama

Our youngest niece in Oklahoma City has been planning her August, 2010 wedding for some time.

For a variety of reasons, during the long planning process there have been several changes. In the last couple of months, the plans have come together and the vision of the wedding and reception were becoming reality.

Reality has suddenly had to change.

Her fiance's father received notice that he is being deployed to Afghanistan.

As of this writing, they do not know the exact deployment date, but it will be soon. Her sweet fiance does not want to get married without his father present, and who could blame him?

So, guess what? We are having a wedding on March 6th!

It will be beautiful and happy.

We are so proud of our niece. She has seen her planned dream wedding turned upside down and she is being the absolute opposite of a Bridezilla. She is focused on what her fiance needs to make their wedding day happy.

We could not be more proud.

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  1. We couldn't do it without your help. Thanks Aunt Cindy!!!!