Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Kind of Cook Are You?

Are you messy?

At the end of meal preparation, do you end up with a sink and counters filled with dirty measuring spoons/cups, utensils, pans, etc?

Or, are you clean?

Do you wash the measuring spoons/cups, utensils, pans, etc. as you complete each step in meal preparation?

I fall into the clean category. I think I cook this way to allow me space between each preparation step to think about what to do next. Or, maybe my perfectionism is getting worse.

The Husband also falls into the clean category. Which is good, because we take turns with the cooking and cleaning up. If he were a messy cook, that would stress me out!

So, what kind of cook are you? Clean or messy?


  1. I am definitely a clean cook. Perry, dirty... Claudia: dirty... lol :)

  2. I try very hard to be a clean cook. My husband (who also cleans up) would sometimes disagree. There's something about the completion of a dish, the timing of getting everything out hot and into serving pieces, etc. that sometimes demands leaving pots and wayward splatters.