Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Ours was fun. The Husband had company during the turkey frying portion of the day. Our B-i-L and his brother observed closely.
Below is The Husband removing our turkey from the fryer.
Here's a portion of the lovely table my sister fixed for us.We had a small problem with the french fried onions on the green bean casserole and the marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole getting a little overdone in the oven. No problem. Sister and B-i-L just scraped off the burned stuff and we all called it good!
Here are the B-i-L's parents. We were very glad they were able to visit Tulsa this year!
Here is the B-i-L's nephew, who is 7 years old. Note the missing teeth...
You can tell he and Big Sister A are cousins, yes?
And here is Baby L with her own mini pumpkin pie. Life is good!We are grateful today for so many things and spending time with the family is just one of them.

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