Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Beautiful Fall Day...

Sunday was another beautiful day in Tulsa.

I was up early and read the newspaper in solitude for an hour before The Husband appeared. We enjoyed quiet time together and then got busy with projects.

I packed away Halloween decor and pulled out Thanksgiving decorations.

The Husband ruthlessly cleaned his closet.

The United Cerebral Palsey truck will be in our neighborhood on Tuesday and we will have plenty of clothes and household goods to donate.

I keep a box in the basement at all times as a repository for donations. It's amazing how you can pretty much always say "Yes, I have something for you to pick up when your truck is in my neighborhood."

Ask yourself these questions every time you open a closet, cabinet or drawer and reach for an item:

When is the last time I used this?
Do I need this?
Do I love this?
Does this has sentimental value?

If the answers to any of the questions are "No", put the item in the donation box.

You will be surprised at how happy you will be when the items are picked up and taken away from your home!


  1. Good ideas. Tell me how not to think, maybe I'm going to need this someday, or this is going to be worth a lot.

  2. Those are two questions that are hard to answer.

    I just focus on is it important or useful to me today.

    Future value is fickle. Future need is more difficult, but if I get rid of it today, I can always go get it tomorrow!

  3. The "just in case" is the number one reason people keep clutter, so says Karen Kingston in Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. She goes on to say that you create your own reality by the thoughts you have. She says you are sending a message to the universe that you don't trust it to take care of you and that you will always feel vulnerable and insecure about your future. A little deep, perhaps, and certainly can't apply to everything, but some of it is worth thinking about. I recommend her book heartily to anyone deals with clutter (would that be everyone?).