Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am Happy to be HOME !!!

For a variety of reasons, this past week has not been the best.

I spent the majority of the time waiting for a specific discussion to occur (which never did) and fretting over some other things. Things over which I have absolutely no control. I was EXTREMELY happy to arrive home Thursday evening. Tough times always seem less tough and more managable at home.

And, to add to my delight of being home, my new peacock necklace was waiting for me.

I've been coveting this necklace ever since the artist posted it on her blog, Sunny Rising Leather. I finally took the plunge and ordered it. May I just say it is gorgeous? Thanks to Allison for creating the necklace. It has jumped to the top of my favorites list already!

For those of you who have not found Allison previously in the internet world, take a a few moments to visit her blog and her two Etsy shops:

It is time well spent.


  1. You are the sweetest: I hope your week starts looking up :)

  2. Oh I hope your week is going better. I had to have "a talk" with my 37 year old daughter this eve. She's been without a job since January and we've been making her house payments for her. I had to tell her enough. I fear I hurt her. She already has so much on her plate. And on top of that, her car broke down today. I can't stand that she is hurting.

  3. Sounds like the necklace came at just the right time. And, OMG, it is fabulous! Sounds like you deserved a little treat.