Friday, July 10, 2009

Unhealthy Love of Laundry

What can I say?

Everyone who knows me well, knows it to be true. I love taking dirty clothes and making them clean. I can't help myself. And, don't let an item have a spot on it or be dingy. At that point, the Spray-n-Wash and Biz come out with a vengence.

As readers of this blog know, I've been commuting to Houston for a while and have not been working as a virtual employee. One of the advantages of working at home (unspoken, of course) is being able to keep current on your laundry. Before I started traveling every week, I never had laundry piled up. I washed everything in the hamper on Monday. On Thursday or Friday, I'd again wash everything in the hamper so at the beginning of the weekend all of our clothes were clean. I was able to do this by taking breaks between responding to e-mails and in between conference calls.

Since I now return home on Thursday evenings, I start laundry Friday morning and frequently am not focused enough to finish it until Sunday afternoon when I have to pack for the next week. This change in my schedule caused an unfortunate circumstance for The Husband recently.

Because it is just the two of us and we own plenty of towels, I made the decision to skip laundering the dirty towels one weekend.

I forgot I did his briefs at the same time.

When I returned home the second week, we went out to run errands on Saturday morning.

As we left the house, he said "I guess we need to go to Wal-mart."

I said, "What for?"

He said, "I only have one more pair of briefs. If you don't do the towels, I'll have to wear boxers."

I said, "MR. MAN (see Stephen King's book, Misery), you know how to do laundry!"

He said, "I wouldn't dare!"

Perhaps I "own" the laundry process too strongly in our home. I need to work on letting go!


  1. Teach him how to do a small load of just his briefs...

    I think you also may need to learn letting go maybe one weekend a month???


  2. My sister puts a quarter cup of bleach in all her laundry and puts everything through to rinse cycles. She's the clothes goddess. I can get most stains out with soaking in Biz but unlike you, I don't like laundry chores and folding/hanging up is the pits. Ironing, it is the worst.