Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Friday

Friday morning I was my Mom's driver. She had an out patient procedure at a local hospital. Everything went well and my most important duty turned out to be taking her for a late brunch.

Phill's Diner at 32nd & Harvard is a family favorite, so there we went. I had her home by 1:30pm and she snoozed the afternoon away.

Friday night, the sister and her family came over for dinner. Oh my, did we have fun with the girls!

The minute they arrived, the girls were looking for our new fairy neighbors. They immediately knocked on the door and waited to see if she (it was assumed the new neighbor was a girl, like Tinkerbell) would come out.

Big Sister A was cute knocking on the door, but Baby L was hysterical. She knocked and then yelled, "HELLO. HELLO. IS ANYONE IN THERE?" Of course, no one answered the "door."

We went into the house to visit and prepare dinner.

Aunt Cindy had bought oversize coloring pages for the girls. Big Sister A colored a beautiful picture of Snow White and said "I want to put it outside for the fairy. Can we hang it on the tree for her?" Aunt Cindy and Mom took the girls outside and secured the drawing to the tree. The girls were happy and continued playing both inside and outside the house.

We had a great dinner:

The Husbands's Special Salad (loved by the B-i-L)
Grilled trout
(stuffed w/mini shrimp, shallots, bread crumbs
& home grown parsley)
Snow Peas
Strawberry Shortcake

After dinner we went on a second fairy hunt, with flashlights. That is when we realized she had been outside the tree.

She took the picture Big Sister A colored for her!

And, outside her front door, on our porch steps, on the porch post and on the window ledge, looking into our living room, was PIXIE DUST!

I say, PIXIE DUST, people!

It was multi colored and glittery and shiny in the flashlight beam.

What more proof do you need of the existence of fairies? None, I would say!

The nieces were sad she did not show herself, but we told them she was probably a bit shy and would have to get to know us.

As they were leaving, the girls gave me all kinds of advice of what to do if the fairy showed herself.

Aunt Cindy is going to have fun with this for a while and, hopefully, create wonderful memories for the nieces.

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  1. Yes, you'll be able to make memories with the girls. Did you ever hear of The Borrowers?