Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Break Up

We broke up with old friends last week. Our bed pillows.

You know how attached you can get to your pillow? I was very attached to mine.

Conventional wisdom indicates you should change your pillows every six months to two years. I will not tell you how long it has been since we replaced ours. I'm too ashamed!

The whole process of selecting new pillows is very trying. There are questions to answer and decisions to be made. Are you a back sleeper? A stomach sleeper? Perhaps a side sleeper? What filling do you prefer? Down or synthetic? How about a combination?

Once you have your new pillows, there's the exciting experience of sleeping with them for the first time. Will you like them? Will they like you? Will you be invigorated when you awake the next day? Or, will be you sleepy and tired because you miss your old friend?

I'm happy to report our adjustment to the new pillows went well.

My advice? Buy new pillows!

1 comment:

  1. Haha!!! This post had me laughing!!! Not too long ago P. and I changed our pillows... we each bought what we thought we would really like! Then, about three nights later, we switched them!! :) NOW they are perfect!