Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where's George?

Have you ever tracked a piece of paper currency on the Where's George website? If you are not familiar with this currency tracking project, read about it here.

In my change Tuesday morning at Sonic (I confess to loving their breakfast croissant), I received a dollar bill that had been stamped with the message:

"Track this bill at".

Later in the morning, I logged onto the website and followed the instructions to log the bill. I found the dollar had traveled 145 miles to the zip code where I received it. I input the information about where I received the bill and in the afternoon put it back into circulation at the Exxon gas station a mile or so from my office.

When I first read about this project a few years ago, I considered purchasing a stamp and marking some bills and sending them out in circulation. I priced stamps, but never bought one. But after today, I'll probably go on-line and order one. A couple of the sites where you can order stamps are here and here .

I guess you don't need a stamp, if you want to write on the bill you can, but that could be kinda time consuming.

I don't think I'll ever be a serious "Georger," but it could be amusing. It speaks to the inner nerd in me.

Are you a "Georger?"

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