Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Woman's Worst Nightmare!

Swimsuit shopping...

Does any woman ever truly believe she looks good in a swimsuit?

I shopped recently for suits for our big trip to Hawaii in September. I brought three suits home from Dillards. I was very proud. But, it was certainly a journey.

The woman in the dressing room next to me carried on a vocal conversation with herself after she tried on each of her suits. Comments ranged from "Oh my gawd!" to "This is unbelievable." to "This can't be right!"

Then there were the three teenage girls that were laughing at the suit bottoms in the "Woman's" section of the store. All I could think was "Just wait...one day your little heinies will have spread just like the rest of ours."

There was a time when I looked decent in a swimsuit. I didn't think so then, but looking back at the pictures today I know it to be true. I'm sure I will never look like that again, but I'm going to try very hard not to obsess about how I look today. I'm just going to enjoy the opportunity to wear them.

To quote Agnes DeMille, "Dance in the body you have."

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  1. Power to you!!! Perry suggested I buy a swim suit to lay out in on our deck, rather than hike up my sweats or shorts and pull up my T-shirts!

    >>>> That was me... laughing in his face!