Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Night on the Porch

We purchased our current house because of two things: 1) the large dining room and 2) the large front porch.

Last night was a perfect porch night. We were there from 4:00pm until 8:00pm. In that time, a neighbor came to update us on her family's week, plus the latest "going ons" in the neighborhood.

Additionally, there were lots of neighbors out walking with dogs and without dogs (our neighborhood has sidewalks, thank you!) and sitting on their porches--visiting, laughing and passing the time.

There were numerous large City of Tulsa trucks and heavy equipment just down the block at the location where a house was recently demolished. This was interesting!

Our neighbors directly across the street went to a party tonight. They left their 13 year old son home alone. He could shoot baskets on the driveway as long as we (The Husband and I) were on the porch. He did not even cringe at the restriction of "the neighbors" watching him. He shot hoops for a while and then told us "I'm going inside." Bless his heart! He is a good boy and we hope he stays that way.

We are so appreciative of the neighborhood in which we live. We were entertained tonight without ever turning on the TV. How many areas can you say that about?


  1. Sounds wonderful; a rarity in this world today. Glad there are still places where neighbors gather and visit and don't get me started on front porches. I've even seen a piece on PBS about them.

  2. Claudia and Erica took away my tv in the first floor living room. I've been sitting out on my deck ever since! :)