Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Brought The Camera...

...to Houston. But I forgot the docking station and cord that would allow me to upload photos and post them to my blog. Oh well...

It was 87 degrees and mostly sunny today. But I wish I was in Tulsa where it was rainy and cool.

Work has been interesting this week. The clock is ticking on the global website that I have managed for a number of years. We "turn off the lights" on June 30th. If I'm lucky enough to keep a job after June 30th, I will transition from someone who is an "expert" in her area of responsibility to a "newbie."

I'm not good at being a newbie.


  1. I didn't realize they are shutting her down!!! Mercy!! And no fears... I think you will be a good "newbie!"

  2. Cindy, what the heck is the "global website?" (And why would they shut down or turn out the lights?" I'm nosy, okay?

  3. I work for a global oil company. The website is one employees use to apply for jobs, view their paycheck and other things. It is a front end for an old system that is being replaced. A new website will take it's place. My old website will be turned off. :-(