Saturday, May 2, 2009

TSA Stories from the Previous Week

At the Tulsa airport last Monday, I was frisked (whoo hoo) because I did not take off my long sleeve shirt, layered over a tank top. Now mind you, I took off my shoes, I packaged my liquids in 3oz or smaller containers and put them in a zip lock bag and I took my pc out of my brief case, but that was not enough. Okay. I can accept that.

At the Houston airport last Thursday, I was allowed to get all the way to the TSA checking my id against my boarding pass. One of the TSA's who had just allowed me to pass through the line came up to me and following is the conversation:

Her: "Your bag is too big. You must check it."
Me: "I take this bag through security every week and gate check it."
Her: "Your bag is too big. You must check it."
Me: "See the Continental gate check tag? I gate check this bag every week!"
Her: "Your bag is too big. You must check it. Take it to the counter. If they say it is okay, you can bring it."

She's a TSA. I do not want to argue at an airport. I want to get home...I do not want to be locked up in a small windowless room in an airport! So, I go to the Continental counter. There are a number of customers using the kiosks. The Continental employee helped all of them and finally asked me if I needed something. I repeated my conversation with the TSA:

Continental Employee: "It's fine. What is her problem?"
Me: "I don't know. I pointed out the existing gate check tag."
Her: "It's fine. Go back to the line."
Me: "Thanks so much. What is your name, in case she asks?"
Her: "Connie"
Me: "Thanks, Connie."All the while thinking "I could NOT make up: Connie from Continental!"

I went back to the security line and told the TSA that "Connie from Continental" told me the bag was okay to gate check. The new TSA said "Okay, if she say so."

Travel is getting harder and harder. Is it really necessary that it be so hard?

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