Sunday, May 17, 2009

Play Ball !!!

Last night we attended the Tulsa Drillers game.  The Husband loves baseball.  Or is it the hot dogs, peanuts and cold beer?
I'm a people watcher, in addition to being a peanut eater and beer drinker.
What a cute couple!


  1. You're right. What a cute couple. I told my brother just the other day I wanted to go to Bricktown for a ball game this spring. When I lived in Bartlesville I'd drive down to Driller Stadium for a game every now and then, but there is not a much better way to spend a spring evening than at the ballpark. Oh, for me it's the hot dogs. :-)


  2. Well, I definitely love this couple!!! You will have to come up to Kansas and let's go to another T-Bones game!!! Or a Royals game... :)