Monday, November 29, 2010

We Are Decorated!

I admit it. I'm a very linear person, which means I'm a "one holiday at a time" girl. Never do my Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations mix. On Friday, I put away Thanksgiving and pulled out Christmas.

Our indoor tree is up. It's a metal ornament tree. It will spin around slowly, if we wish. (Hey, I'm linear, but I'm not boring!) We purchased this tree several years ago and it holds all the wonderful ornaments we collect during our travels.
We have an outdoor tree on our front porch. We put lights on it and the decorations are salt dough ornaments that family, friends and neighbors paint during our annual holiday open house. I'll post a picture of it decorated in its full glory after the party. For now, you'll have to be satisified with the photo of The Husband cutting down the tree at the Owasso Christmas Tree Farm, with me "helping." I'm an excellent helper.
I'll share a couple of other areas of the house that have been decorated. The fireplace mantel is below. The green Santa in the middle was purchased in New Orleans earlier this year. I think he is cool.
I had the gas line in our fireplace capped a few years ago. The random smell of gas made me a bit nervous, you see. The bonus is that I have another place to decorate! The poinsetta painting is an antique mall purchase from several years ago. It's part of my "dead lady" art collection I'm amassing for seasonal decorating.
And finally, our guest bath has been overrun with elves and black Santas. We encourage diversity around here! If you look closely, you'll find several black Santas at our house. (Check the mantel picture.)
I did all this decorating while watching television.

No sappy Christmas movies for me though.

I watched the first three episodes of "The Walking Dead." I'm happy that all of our questions about what would happen during a zombie apocalypse are now answered.

So, are you decorated?

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