Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washington, DC - Part 1 of 4

Our recent trip to Washington, DC was to celebrate The Husband's upcoming birthday. And celebrate we did!

We arrived in the early evening and checked into The Quincy hotel, which is located within walking distance of multiple attractions. Just around the corner were a number of restaurants, so we took a stroll and ended up at Smith & Wollensky. The weather was so nice we were able to sit outside and people watch!
The next day found us walking, walking, walking.

We walked to the most famous house in America, but didn't get past the fence. (Next time!)
We walked to The National Christmas Tree.
We walked to the Washington Monument.
We walked to the World War II Memorial.
We walked the length of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. We were shocked at the terrible condition of the pool.*
We walked up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial.
Fun fact about The Husband, he was born, to the day, "four score and 7 years" after The Gettysburg Address
We walked to the Vietnam Memorial
I was totally walked out at this point, so we caught a cab to the Jefferson Memorial.
We then caught another cab to return to the hotel. 

After resting for a while, we walked to dinner at Rumors, a local restaurant/bar. We were there between 7-9pm, so we didn't see any heavy bar action (as indicated in the reviews). We were pleased with our dinners. I had the crab cake and it was, perhaps, the best crab cake I've ever had. We were happy with the good food and drinks for decent prices. 

After all the walking we did this day, we slept soundly that night. Which was great, because we were attending the Rally to Restore Sanity the next day and needed to be rested and refreshed! 

Come back tomorrow for our story from the Rally. It was loads of fun!

*If you can afford to make a small donation for the repair and upkeep of the National Mall, please consider doing so. We did.


  1. You were at the rally! I can't wait to hear about it. You guys love to travel.

  2. I love DC but the rally must have been a blast. Jon said they were 10 million strong!