Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tulsa Collectibles

I acquired these 1950's Community Chest and Red Cross Campaign Awards at a recent Tulsa estate sale. For the Cowgirl and Indians I paid $12.50 each. I returned the next day and purchased the Astronaut for 25% off the original price.
Many years ago The Husband purchased these two at a local garage sale for 25 cents each. Obviously, there's been a slight price increase for today's market!
Not all of the awards have the plaque on the front, but all have the date inscribed on the back. Only three of them have the original red feathers. The dates are:

Cowgirl - 1952
Indian Brave - 1953
Indian Maiden - 1954
Astronaut - 1955
Man & Woman - 1956
Roughneck - 1958

These are great additions to my vintage Tulsa collectibles. I brought my new purchases home and immediately incorporated the Indian Brave and Indian Maiden into my Thanksgiving decorations.
Now, I'm "on the hunt" for the remaining awards in the series. I would imagine one of them is a Cowboy to go with the Cowgirl. I wonder what the other ones might be?

? - 1950
? - 1951
? - 1957
? - 1959

And this is how you get hooked on garage sales, flea markets, antique malls and estate sales!


  1. Interesting finds indeed! And the indians do go great with the Thanksgving decor!

  2. Those are so cool. I've never seen anything like them.

  3. I work for an estate sale company in Tulsa. I'll keep an eye out for these and let you know if I see any!

  4. I'm a Tulsa native and my Dad brought home the figurines - Indian maiden, Indian boy, Cowboy and Cowgirl. I don't recall the Rocket Ship. The driller you showed is a rendition of the Golden Driller on the Fairgrounds. (I grew up seeing that Driller) Is it still there? We just moved to Memphis area and I currently haven't unpacked all my boxes, but do have the Indian boy in my kitchen. LOL I'll find the others in time..... I think. :)

    Betty G. in Tennessee (East of Memphis)

  5. I have several of these from my Dad working on the Community Chest campaign in Tulsa during the 1950s. I have the 2 cowboy/cowgirl, and the Indian maiden/Indian young man. I think that is all I have. We just moved from Oklahoma to Tennessee to be near grandkids and I have a lot of boxes yet to unpack. The 1958 Roughneck is actually The Golden Driller at the Fairgrounds.

    I am enjoying your blog. Found you through Julie's Last Chance Ranch blog.

    Betty G. in Tennessee