Monday, July 19, 2010

News Flash: I Cleaned Our Pantry!

Recently, every time I've opened the doors to our kitchen pantry, I've heard a little voice that said "This needs to be cleaned out and re-organized."

I finally said to the voice, "All right, all right. I'll do it!"

I took a few pictures that I will share with you. The quality is not very good. I absolutely must begin researching a new camera! (Any suggestions from those of you who have a camera you love and that takes photos worthy of publishing on a little blog?)

Before - #1
Before - #2
Before - #3
I took every item out of the pantry and used 409 on every shelf. Some shelves were really icky. How does that happen? And why don't we clean them as soon as they start to get icky? Can we say procrastination?
I threw away any item that was past the "best by" date. I didn't think I would find very many items that needed to be tossed, but I was surprised and a bit appalled.

When we had our kitchen spiffed up, I had the contractor cut some additional shelves for a few of my cabinets, one of which was the pantry. I installed an additional shelf in the center section and begin placing the surviving items on the cleaned shelves.

After - #1
After - #2
After - #3
I'm very happy the pantry reorganization has been completed. Now, I need to do the same for the cabinets with my dishes!

Are you happy with the state of your pantry? Or, do you also hear a little voice every time you open the door?


  1. Any Cannon camera is a good purchase. I have 2, one is an 8 megapixel Sure Shot that is very easy to use and I have a 10 megapixel Digital SLR that has interchangeable lenses which is a great camera. I'm still trying to learn how to use it.

  2. Looks great! Mine is loooooong overdue for a good cleaning out.

  3. Great idea, I shudder to think what might be out of date in my pantry.

  4. I absolutely love my Canon Power Shot SD30. It's only 5 mega pixels, which tells you how long I've had it! The one that Target advertised last week was 12 mega pixels. I keep it in my purse, carry it everywhere!