Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Vintage Western Purse

Recently, I purchased a vintage western purse at a neighborhood estate sale.

The front:
The side:
The back:
The only problem with the purse was the lacing on one corner was loose and the seam on a small inside pocket had separated. I took the purse to a shoe repair shop and they fixed both spots.

Can you see where they re-laced the corner? It's not perfect, but it will do.
I purchased the purse on 1/2 price day at the estate sale. It was marked $45, so I paid $22.50. The repairs cost $10. For a total of $32.50, I now have a neat vintage western purse that has years of life still left.

I don't usually buy used purses, but I couldn't resist this one. Do you purchase used purses?


  1. Well, I might have purchased THAT one!

  2. I have never purchased a used purse, but that one is a beauty.