Friday, July 9, 2010

Critter Report

I neglected to include critter stories in my 4th of July cabin report for family and friends who read this blog and visit the cabin.

Critters are always interested when people are at the cabin. They hope we'll be silly and leave the trash out or, oh joy, dog food! One night while we were on the porch, Dillon chased off something that was messing around with the trash cans. And, one morning it appeared as if something had tossed the empty dog's bowl around.

The Husband and I were the last people at the cabin and, on our final night, I stayed up late feeding the fire and finishing my book. It was totally quiet and I was engrossed in the story. I heard a noise, looked up and there was a big, fat racoon sitting in the flower bed and staring through the screen at me. I stared. He stared. I moved. He scampered away.

I continued reading. Thirty minutes later, I look up and he is sitting on his haunches on the path at the front door. I stare. He stares. I walk toward the door. He runs to the nearest tree. I open the door. He scampers up the tree.

Fifteen minutes later I'm on the last pages of the book and "bang, bang, bang." I take the flashlight, go around the corner of the cabin and he's tipped over the trash can. I wave the light in his eyes and he leaves.

I'm enjoying our little game.

A few minutes later, I finish the book and go to our room in the bunk house. I'm in bed for about 20 minutes and "bang, bang, bang." Again, I take the flashlight and run him off.

I'm tired of the game at this point.

Sometime during the night, The Husband gets up and when he opens the door to our room, there that fat and sassy racoon sits, peering through the screen door into the porch. The Husband steps toward the cabin door and the coon just looks at him before he ambles off into the night.

Persistent little critter, isn't he?

The next morning I get up around 5:30am and open the bunkhouse door and there is no sign of a racoon. However, I do get an overwhelming whiff of skunk! Never saw one, but the smell was very strong.

A friend who lives in the area year-round told us she had a bear at her house the night of July 2nd. She said her old Rhodesian Ridgeback went after the bear like he was still a puppy. Good for him! We were fortunate we didn't have a bear nosing around the cabin, like the nieces did last year.

Moral of the story is, put the trash and dog food in the pump house at night and if you sleep in the bunkhouse and have to get up during the night, you need to be sure to make noise and carry a flashlight to scare off the critters.

Have fun!


  1. Raccoons I'd be on board for, but bears would scare the pants off me!

  2. Nice show down with the raccoon. I think he won.