Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Fun Day in Denver, CO

We had a fun day with Cousin Charlene. 

It started with a lazy morning of reading the paper, checking the computer, taking a long walk (The Husband, bless his heart!) and generally just relaxing.

We had a quick lunch at a local pub and from there stopped into Applejack Wine & Spirits. Let me just say, this is quite the liquor store. It was fun gazing upon bottles of fine scotch priced at $2,500, as well as bottles of French wine for the same jaw dropping price. Of course, there were cheaper bottles - $300, $500, $750, etc. but we also didn't purchase any of those. $10.99 was the price I paid! 

We moved on to my new favorite store - The Brass Armadillo. Their home page describes this unique chain of antique malls as the "ultimate antique shopping experience." For me, it was not the ultimate experience (Round Top, Texas was that), but it was pretty darn close!

There are Brass Armadillos in five cities - Des Moines, Phoenix, Denver, Omaha and Kansas City. Whenever we are in one of those cities, we are planning to go shopping. (Tosha: Get ready!)

We bought several neat things that I will share with you in the coming weeks.

After we spent 4 hours (yes, 4 hours!) in the Brass Armadillo, we went to Emil-Lene's Sirloin House for dinner. This was a great meal. My filet was "melt in your mouth" good and The Husband and Cousin both had excellent prime rib. It was a quiet meal. We were all too busy eating to talk! I would heartily recommend this restaurant. For my Oklahoma based blog readers, think of the old Avalon Steak House in Creek County when it was the best place in the area to eat. That's the vibe of Emil-Lene's!

We drove home while admiring the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills. 


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