Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Left Overs

What do you do with the left overs? Do you eat them? Or, do you throw them away?

I'm a left over girl. I'm happy to have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner until they are gone.

The Husband is not much of a left over person. When he was still working, he would take them 2 or 3 times a week for lunch. Since he is now not working, we have ended up with a lot more left overs in the refrigerator.

I've decided I must be more conscious of the quantity of food I prepare. I plan to make an effort to reduce the recipes I fix to servings for two. Do you modify recipes to reduce the serving size?

How do you handle left overs? Does your spouse/family love them? Or, would they rather you throw them away?


  1. Oh, that is hard. Now I only cook for two and it is a difficult adjustment. When I have any I put them in the fridge and tell The Hubby. Most of the time he will come home for lunch and eat them. Since we are so close to the office it is easy for him. Right now I'm hungry, it is 8:30 and the chicken from last nights Fried Chicken calling my NAME!!!

  2. We made the difficult adjustment of cooking for two. We are fair at this. But my son lives in the same town and he will make surprise visits to raid the refrigerator, so leftovers are usually not a big problem.

  3. Perry and I have a hard time cooking for just two, but seem to do OK most of the time. Neither of us are big on leftovers unless it was a REALLY good meal the first time... such as my grandma's BBQ brisket I made. We ate brisket sandwiches the next day for lunch. Most of the time the leftovers sit in our refrigerator for a few days before I throw them out.

  4. I love leftovers, however my "room-mate" does not. Depending on what it is, I am happy to eat leftovers for breakfast. Especially risotto. Yummm. When I go to the office, I really like taking leftovers for lunch. Usually, I think it's better just because the flavors have melded.