Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Patio Project - Status Report # 10

Remember all those posts* I wrote about our patio project last year? Today (six short months after the last status report), I have the latest update!

Here was the back of the house this morning. See, we still had ugg-lee wires tacked to the house.
Here's the back of the house this afternoon, with The Husband pointing out there are NO MORE wires! Yippee!
In our defense, it took The Husband quite a while to find a contractor# who was 1) willing to do this work and 2) would not charge us an arm and a leg. Plus, a lot of contractors aren't crazy about working on a 95 year old house, because it can be like opening Pandora's Box when you start a project.

The last task for our patio project is to get the concrete stained.

We will then move on to repainting the entire house, preceded by repairing the stucco where necessary. Sigh...it just never ends!

* Click here if you want to read the patio posts again.

# Video Revolution is the Tulsa company The Husband chose for this project. He was very pleased with his dealings with everyone from VR and would recommend them without reservation.

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  1. I will miss the buzz of the electrical line right outside my window when I spend the night next week. Just kidding....it looks great!