Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Garage Sale

The Sister had a garage sale last Saturday. She advertised in the newspaper, "Sale, 8am-1pm, yada yada yada."

I took a few things over to sell. I arrived at the house at 7:10am with:
  1. breakfast from McDonald's
  2. the last of my items for sale
There was a woman already parked in front of the driveway. When I raised the garage door, she got out of her car to come in. The Sister said, "We're not open yet" and the woman reluctantly went away.

The Sister, Brother-in-Law and I were eating breakfast at 7:30am, when the door bell rang. She and I laughed and told him to go to the door.

He did and was greeted by a guy who asked, "You having a garage sale?"

"Yeah, at 8:00 am!" Slam the door...

When we finally opened, there were a number of people who rapidly exited their vehicles.

After shopping the entire sale, one man apologized to the B-i-L for the guy that rang the doorbell early: "Let me apologize for all of us who don't act like that."

What a nice thing to do!

The Sister and B-i-L did really well selling their stuff.

I did "so so." But that was okay. I got rid of some stuff that had not sold in my booth.

Plus, The Sister and B-i-L let me be in charge of the money. And, if you know me, you know how much I like to be in charge!

So, do you have garage sales to get rid of your surplus things?

Do you shop garage sales?


  1. All the dealers at the flea market shop garage sales. I have seen fabulous things in their booths. When I go, it is junk. Go figure. I joined my daughter for a neighborhood sale last fall and we were the only ones doing it. I can't complain as I sold quite a bit, but the stuff that was good that didn't sell, I packed back up. Wasn't going to give it away. I was shocked that even at my low prices, the customers wanted the items for a dollar or two. Moral - only sell the junk.

  2. We quit having garage sales years ago for just that reason. It's kind of a bit creepy that they lie in wait! Glad it went well. Maybe, someday I'll do it again...