Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Highlights From Calgary

The Husband has been on an extended business trip to Calgary and I was happy to join him for a few days. It was a trip down memory lane for us, since we lived in the city from October, 1997 to October, 1998 on a "temporary foreign assigment."

Have I ever told you that I had never lived anywhere but Tulsa until October, 1997? No? Well, it's true. When we married in 1994, The Husband said to me "I'm going to move you out of this town one day." He did. He moved me in a big way. Out of the country!

We drove by the condo building where we lived. We were lucky that our company leased us a place in this great location.
We walked to Olympic Plaza
We admired the beautiful flowers on the plaza.
We wondered why they had pink gophers on the plaza. Anyone?
We took photos of the bronze statues on the plaza, celebrating The Famous Five.

I visited the Glenbow Museum one day. My favorite piece of art there was Hunter's Campfire by Corneilus Krieghoff. Unfortunately, the link is to a black & white image of the painting. Why I liked it so much was because the colors were so vivid, it was like you were right there at the campfire and could see it flickering. Very realistic!

I strolled Stephen Avenue while The Husband was at work. By strolled, I mean shopped. For two days.
I love this piece of art on Stephen Avenue.
We ate at fun places every evening. And drank. The martini gave it away, didn't it?
This particular evening, a group of 15 or so people came by with their dogs. It was an obedience class. It was fascinating to watch the dogs being put through their paces in a public place with lots of people and activity. Check out the following picture of the dogs sitting on the large concrete balls. Each dog had to sit there for 4-5 minutes regardless of the distractions going on around them. There were 3 balls on each side of the avenue, which meant six dogs at a time were sitting there patiently waiting to be released. Very entertaining!
We enjoyed being back in Calgary, but we also enjoyed our weekend in Banff. More on that part of the trip to come in the next post.

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