Friday, June 17, 2011

Highlights from Banff

A fun part of my trip was The Husband and I spending the weekend in Banff.

We stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel.
 The view from our room.
We used the bus system to go between the hotel and town. Here's The Husband at the bus stop in front of the hotel.
We walked the town, stopping in lots of shops and restaurants. The following photo is for my mom. We made her sit at the bar in this restuarant in Calgary in 1998. You gotta know my mom to know why that's so funny.
We revisited "the scene of the crime." I can't give you details, but if you ever meet my brother-in-law be sure to ask him.
Back at the hotel, from our room we saw a bride and groom having pictures taken.
Can you imagine this scenery as the background of your wedding photos?
The next morning we drove around and saw an elk by the gondola.
We were surprised to see only one elk. We used to see herds of them in town. Maybe we just missed them on this trip.

We drove behind the hotel to a scenic lookout and took a self portrait. hair is a hot mess! And where did all that gray come from? Something has got to be done about it! (The hair, not the gray.)
Here's the hotel without us.
We left Banff and headed toward Calgary, driving through Cochrane. Of course, we had to stop for MacKay's famous ice cream!
It was fun for us to re-live all of our previous weekends in Banff. 

Monday was my last day in Calgary. I didn't do much while The Husband worked. I walked and walked. And, I read quite a bit. Monday evening we went out for a nice dinner, which started with this Duck Trio. 

Foie Gras Terrine, Smoked Duck Breast, and Duck Rillette with an Apricot preserve and Red Currant Jelly, served with Crostini.
Yum, Yum.

I was up at the crack of Calgary's dawn on Tuesday and saw the sunset in Tulsa that night. The Husband is also now home. 

My new question is, "Where are we going next?"


  1. What gorgeous scenery! The hotel looks so grand and I hope you had a grand time too!

  2. What a beautiful trip! The mountains are breathtaking, and it sounds like you two had a lot of fun. If I had the funds, I would spend at least a week out of every month traveling. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!