Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vintage Saucers

I picked up the cutest set of 6 saucers this week. I think they will look great in a fall tablescape.
The mark on the back is:
I've looked on-line and cannot find the pattern name. I'm hoping one of Coloradolady's readers will recognize the pattern and share the name with me!

I'm joining Vintage Thingie Thursday. Click on over and join us!

Updated: The Husband, of all people, found the pattern name on the internet. It appears the name is Largo. Thanks, honey!


  1. It is hard to read the name, but you would think you could find it on the internet. Not much you cannot find on it. It does not matter, they are still pretty and useful.

  2. I have seen these before, but can not remember the name of the pattern. They are great looking perfect for fall, that can not get here fast enough for me!!! Happy VTT!

  3. Regardless of what the name of the pattern is, I love it! It's a great combination of natural and funky. I agree- these will be great for the fall!