Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I Live!" I Say "I Live!"

Today has been an excellent day for me. I am finally recovered from the irritating head cold I've suffered from since mid-week.

This morning I hopped out of bed early. I showered. I dressed. I put on make-up. I put on jewelry. I was ALIVE!

I've tidied up. I've grocery shopped. I've wrapped presents. I've cooked. It's been wonderful.

My poor Husband got sick a day later than me and is still under the weather. I had hoped today would be his last sick day, but he seems to have had a sinking spell this evening. I've got my fingers crossed that tomorrow he'll be much better.

I've got a list of shopping to do tomorrow and more presents to wrap. Plus, I really must work on our Christmas cards.

What's on your schedule for the day?


  1. Welcome back to the living. Glad you're all better.

  2. Cindy, this is Gina from - can you please send me an email to I want to ask you a question about Tulsa. Thanks and I hope that you feel better soon.