Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slightly Used Gifts

The Sister, The Brother-in-Law, The Husband and I don't buy Christmas gifts for each other. We gave it up a few years ago, in an effort to streamline the holiday and remove stress and expense from our lives. In fact, The Husband and I have the same agreement with his family and don't buy gifts for adult family members. Only the children receive gifts.

As readers of this blog know I love estate sales, flea markets and antique malls. The Husband is a good sport and frequently goes with me to these places and we occasionally see items that would be just perfect for one family member or the other.

So, if the item is just perfect and not expensive, we will purchase it and hold it for Christmas.

We found a set of four cocktail glasses for The Brother-in-Law earlier this year. We thought these were a perfect gift because the theme is two things he enjoys - cocktails and golf! Plus we only spent $4.

Front of the glass:
Text on the back of the glass:

The World's Toughest Golf Holes:
  • 13th hole, Country Club of Miami, Miami, Florida
  • 11th hole, Old Course, St. Andrews, Scotland
  • 7th hole, Vale do Lobo, Algarve, Portugal
  • 6th hole, Royal Birkdale, Southport, England
  • 5th hole, Mid-Ocean Golf Club, Bermuda
  • 16th hole, Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, California
  • 1st hole, Golf Nueva Anadalucia, Costa del Sol, Spain
  • 7th hole, Club de Golf Sotogrande, Costa del Sol, Spain
Up until a week or so ago, I had not seen anything for The Sister. But I found this lovely little handpainted saucer at a recent estate sale. It was dirty and covered in candle wax, but I could see the beauty under the grime. Since my sister has Asian accents in her dining room, I knew this saucer would look great on a small easel on her table, buffet or in her china cabinet. It cost $3.
The Sister and The Brother-in-Law both liked their gifts, so I think the $7 for two gifts was money well spent.

What do you think of our gift giving approach? Do you think this is a meaningful way to find gifts for our family? Or, do you think we are just cheap?

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  1. I LOVE the idea! In fact I am going to suggest it to my family. Everyone loves a treasure hunt and you found some beauties.