Saturday, December 4, 2010

Party Preparations

The Husband and I are hosting our annual open house tomorrow. We have been working hard this week to get everything ready so we won't be rushing around and stressing out on Sunday.

I've laid out all my serving dishes and have put notes on each one, so I'll know I have a dish for each dish (har de har har). For some reason, when I do this it amuses everyone who knows me. Yes, I do take organization a bit too far sometimes, but I think this makes perfect sense. Don't you?
I have collected a few of these 6 1/2" glass vases. They are the perfect size to use for flatware on a buffet. I've used them several times in this manner.
I think it is a cute way to temporarily repurpose these vases.

How do you prepare for your parties? I'm interested in any and all tricks you use to ensure you don't forget an important detail!

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  1. What a beautiful table. I'm sure your party was a success!