Thursday, December 10, 2009

As The World Stops

I can't believe the World is going to stop in September, 2010.

I grew up with my grandmother and mother watching As The World Turns. I must confess, I have watched it off and on for all of my 50 years.

This is a tragedy* for ATWT fans, just like it was for Guiding Light fans when that show ended this year.

Whatever will we do without ATWT? Where I could occasionally be tempted into watching the show, I certainly will not be tempted to watch any game shows, reality shows or talk shows that may be scheduled to replace it.

*Tragedy might be too strong a word to describe this situation. However, it will be like losing really good neighbors when the show is gone.


  1. I heard on the radio, "Breaking News, after the break we tell you what daytime soap is being canceled..." I almost hyperventalated waiting for the commercial break to end because I just knew they could NOT be canceling my Days of Our Lives. WHEW, Thank the good Lord above... because I could NOT have handled that kind of news!!!

    I am sorry for your loss, however. :)

  2. I totally agree and yes it is a tragedy. Just think of all the people who work on it and have all their working lives to be out of a job. Hard times are hitting all. I will so miss the show as I miss GL and mourned its passing. I think it will be hitting all of the soaps and horribly so they are replacing them with game shows, news or EGADS...infommercials....

  3. I remember hearing my mom talking on the phone to her sister and it was if they were talking about family members, but it was really all the ATWT characters. Such a part of my life growing up. Once when she had to leave the house, my job (as an 11 year old) was to watch "her show" and tell her what happened. That was the most difficult chore I ever had to do.