Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All !!!

We had a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

We stayed overnight at The Sister and Brother-in-Law's house, which worked out well because 1) Tulsa had a blizzard and driving conditions were treacherous and 2) we were present for all the activities with the nieces. Such as:

Putting out reindeer food in the blizzard on Christmas Eve. Baby L enjoyed this.
Big Sister A enjoyed it too.
Tracking Santa via Uncle Steve's phone:
Uncle Steve found Santa's "Naughty or Nice List" on the internet! Reading your name on the "Nice List" = priceless!
Taking a photo with your "Elf on a Shelf" also = priceless. Billy and Wayne borrowed Barbie's car for this photo op!
Meeting Mommy and Daddy's elves, Harry and Jewel. Also, priceless.Christmas morning excitement began with the stockings!
And ended with Uncle Steve putting together the big Princess Castle.
Remember that blizzard I mentioned earlier? Christmas morn we slowly and cautiously made our way home on the snow covered streets. An unexpected gift on the drive home was seeing an eagle in flight near the river.

At home, The Husband had to get out the old shovel...
Because our car would not make it up our snow covered, sloped drive.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good afternoon nap!

I hope your Christmas was filled with fun and your families are all safe...

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