Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buy Where You Shop

This article really struck a chord with me.

No one disputes that on-line shopping is frequently less expensive and much less stressful than patronizing local shops. But the point of the article is, it is not fair to shop owners for consumers to use their services, only to order the product on-line to save a few bucks. In these situations, a lot of times the small local shops close due to lack of business. The author encouraged consumers to think of the long term implications of losing the small, local shops.

Another very important point is the loss of local sales tax revenue. Just look at the cutbacks the City of Tulsa has experienced in 2009 due to diminished sales tax revenue. Friday's Tulsa World article discussing the lay off up to 120 firemen and possibly closing existing fire stations in early 2010 was disturbing. Think about public safety. Who will fight our fires? Who will be first responders to accidents and illnesses?

The Fire Department will not be the only department experiencing an impact. The Police Department will suffer cutbacks also, due to diminished local sales tax revenue. Think about public safety. Who will chase the bad guys? Who will patrol our streets?

I'm an on-line shopper, make no mistake about it. But, I intend to think twice about shopping on-line until Tulsa's budget crisis is resolved.


  1. I'm an online shopper too but this year I did a fair amount of in town shopping. I spread it out for sure.

  2. I too love shopping online, but I bought about 50% of my gifts here in town. Amazon is just so amazing to me,I find it hard to resist the free shipping, no sales tax and substantial discounts, especially on books. Plus, being able to find about anything you could possibly think of -- it's just too easy.