Thursday, December 24, 2009

Elf On The Shelf

The Nieces are SO excited about Christmas.

Their "elves on the shelf" are named Billy and Wayne. (Their maternal grandfather's first and middle names.)

The girls asked their parents: "Do you have elves?"

The answer is: "Yes, we do."

The next question: "What are their names?"

The answers are: "Harry and Jewel." (Paternal great-grandfather's name and maternal Grandmother's name.)

The nieces ask: "Why have we never seen them?"

The answer is: "Because we are grown up."

The girls ask: "Even if you are grown up, can they come see you?"

The answer is: "Yes, they can."

And we know this to be true, because Harry and Jewel appeared with Billy and Wayne this week. OMG!

The next question from the nieces: "Do Uncle Steve and Aunt Cindy have elves?"

Who knows?


  1. This is the first year I've ever heard about the elf on the shelf. I saw it in several book stores and then someone was talking about it. I love the idea! Definitely will have to have one for next Christmas.