Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Errands and Sunday Laziness

We went to Garbe's Saturday to pick up a couple of new track lights for the living room. It is such fun to go to that store.  I love all the lighting options!

The Husband is considering buying a bike.  We stopped at Lee's and at Tom's.  Very nice guys at both places provided lots of information on different types of bikes and offered suggestions for the best bikes for us.  The Husband took one for a spin around the parking lot.  I may go back next weekend and do the same.  If I buy a bike, I promise I will not buy any of those little spandex shorts!

The Husband also walked over 5 miles Saturday morning. He has recently started walking to work more often than driving. That equates to about 2.5 miles per day.  Go, Hubby!

Ended the day with dinner at my sister's house.  They are having a lot of interior work done...granite kitchen counter tops, painting several rooms, new wrought iron balusters for the staircase.  Everything is looking really good.  I'm happy for them!

All in all, a good day in Tulsa.

Sunday has been a lazy day.  Yes, I confess to a nap on the couch.  But I've also done lots of laundry, visited my mom, been to Target and to not one, but two grocery stores.

Trying to finish up laundry now so I can focus on the new episode of The Tudors tonight.  I love this show and it didn't click with me until last week that part of where the show is set is Hampton Court Palace and I have actually been there!

I was in London on a business trip in 2004 and one of our British colleagues organized an afternoon of sightseeing for us. It was very enlightening!  This is me in front of  the "south front" of the palace.

This is a side yard.  The flowers were gorgeous that day. The brick structure is a Banqueting House built for William III in 1700 for summer dinners in the garden. If I had a gazebo, that is SO what it would look like!
The "privy garden" looking at the "south front" of the palace. I loved the formal feel of the garden.
Good memories of a fun afternoon!  


  1. Cindy, I love those pics. I took my daughters to London but we never made it to Hampton Court. I love the Brit dramas. I finished watching Little Dorritt tonight. I will send your package this week.

  2. I'm jealous!! I would love to go to London!! I really think Perry would too, but he's a flying-phobe! lol I'm glad you had a great weekend!!