Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the Road - Packing Dirty Clothes

So, what is your system? Of course, I have one.

I check into my hotel room and unpack everything. I hang clean clothes in the closet and put the remaining items in the dresser drawers.

Every evening, I take my worn clothes and repack them, resulting in layers of dirty clothes in the suitcase.

This is a good system for me, because on my last morning in the hotel I don't have to scoop up all the dirty clothes off the floor of the closet to stuff them in the suitcase. All I have to do is drop my hair brush, etc. into the case and I'm good to go.

You wonder why I wrote this post? Because I love efficiency and this is one of the things I do that makes my life easy during travel. :0)

Think of me as you read this post, as I am on my way home today!


  1. I'm sure Uncle Steve is ready for your arrival. And, I get made fun of by my friends when I unpack my suitcase in the hotel. Because I always overpack, and have been known to forget items I unpacked.

  2. Hey Cindy, thank you for your kind comment adnd visit to my blog. As I write, I am in Tulsa. My daughters and grand baby are here and I come up weekly to see them. I live on a farm in SE OK but we have a house in Tulsa too since we are here so often. So, where do you work? My 36 year old daughter just lost her job of 8 years and is looking. She isn't married(the only breadwinner in her family) and her mother - me is dying for her. You know how mothers are. Just thought I'd network for her. Now, what kind of crafting do you do? And the flea market, I used to come up every Sat. for years and years until it got bad. It was great the last three times I went recently so I'm going tomorrow. Maybe I'll recognize you from your pic. If you type in arts and crafts on my blog, you'll see some of the stuff I make. And, Next Fri. nite I have a giveaway coming up (100th post). Look back 4 or 5 posts to see about it. I'm giving away some jewelry and paintings. Stay tuned, and nice to meet you.